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"STOP IT, YOU'RE KILLING HER!!!!!" I screamed.

The disgusting pig of a father had been getting drunk every night and raping my mother for the past 3 months. It wasn't always this way. In fact he had been the best dad a family could want. My father kept us happy by giving us love and care, but it all shattered after he found out that Shiro and I were cursed to be wolf hybrids by the Midnight Witch. He demanded that we be exiled from his house hold, but my mother would have nothing of it. So he decided that he would make our lives a living hell…
From that day on our mother was tortured in front of our eyes, while we could do nothing but watch in agony. Shiro told me she had nightmares of an evil man killing us all and described him as our father. I couldn't take his abusive behavior anymore, but there absolutely nothing I could do.

"MOMMY!!! STOP HURTING MY MOMMY!!!!" Shiro wailed and tried fighting her way through my arms. I held her close to me trying to hide her face from the beating my mother was being given. Shiro was only 3 at the time, but she still remembers this event perfectly.

"Shut up you stupid brats!! Can't you see I'm in the middle of something important?!" The man slurred. My heart felt like it was being squeezed in my chest. I couldn't take anymore of this horrendous sight being played out before me. I frantically searched for a weapon of choice. My eyes set their sights on a sharp kitchen near me. I knew it was risky but I had to do something no matter how beat up I got. I sang Shiro's favorite lullaby softly in her ear cueing her that was going to save our mother. She gazed up at me with her innocent gold eyes holding back tears. I slightly smiled and released my little sister to complete my mission.

I crept quickly but quietly toward the counter and I extended my arm reaching for the knife. Suddenly a muscular hand grabbed my wrist roughly and pulled me towards it. I could smell heavy alcohol on the man as he looked at me dead in the eye. Drool ran out of his mouth as if he were a rabid animal. His eyes were blood shot and lust hungry.
"What are you up to, Kuro?" The pig snorted. I kept my mouth shut. He glared at me some more hoping to break me, but I knew it wouldn't work. He widened his at my bravery then devilishly smirked.

"Those…eyes…" He breathed. "I hate those damned eyes." He use to tell me that my eyes were beautiful. He said they were the only gift from the Midnight Witch. I guess it was a lie from his tainted heart that finally decided to unveil itself.
Both Shiro and I share the ability to grant wishes because our eyes. It brought happiness to our family, yet it tore us apart.

The filthy boar of a man slammed me down on the hardwood floor and straddled my waist. It didn't hurt. His grimy hand stretched out to my face. I made quick movements to slap his hand away and his face. The fool faced me again giving me a revolting look. He pinned my arms above me with his dirty left hand. Though I struggled to break free it was of no use. The hovering above me grazed his eyes over my body with desire. I rolled my eyes and glared at his sickening facial expression.

"Those eyes…those damned eyes…" He mumbled repeatedly. I had no idea where he was getting at but I didn't like it. Before I knew it his right hand was over my left eye. I tried shaking it off but he was starting to move it again.

"I want those damned eyes!!" The man screamed. He plunged his first three fingers in to the socket of my eye and slowly began to pull it out. Pain rushed to my head.
I didn't scream though. I couldn't allow him the satisfaction of hearing me in agony.
I wriggled my hands out of his grip and began punching his face and body. The hog was unfazed by my beating for what more could a nine year old do?

I grinded my teeth holding back the throbbing pain shooting through my eye. The smug look on his face grew into a wide smirk as he pulled my eye completely out of its socket. Before I knew it a loud noise came from my mouth. Unfortunately I couldn't hold in my screams any longer. He waved the purple orb in my face as if holding a prize like a child.

"Hehehe HAHAHAHA!!" He laughed like a mad man. I clutched my head in pain shaking and squirming. The hollow space in my head leaked out more red liquid. My mother weakly cried out to me. I wanted to tell her that everything was going to be alright, but I knew it wouldn't. We will never be the same family again, a dysfunctional family rather. Shiro's screams grew louder as my head began to feel lighter. Dying wasn't the thing on my mind right now, it was Shiro's well being. Her future would be affected by this experience and there was nothing her big sister could do about it.

As my vision through my one working eye grew blurry, I saw Shiro. Her face was hard and her eyes were no longer glowing, instead they were dull and hollow. It scared me to see my sister like this. Why isn't her smile there? Who was this person? What has become of her? When did she involve into this?

Where is my little, Shiro Utaune?

She approached the counter top searching for something. When she found it, the item was hidden behind her back. I heard her footsteps make their way toward the beast and I. She raised the item from back and plugged it into her father's torso repeatedly. Blood dripped and spluttered upon me. I watched in absolute horror as my precious white angel committed murder. As happy as I was to hear him scream in pain, I could believe what I saw.
When his body had gone limp, Shiro pushed him off of me and screamed. It was so blood curdling I had to cover my ears. Never in my mind did I think this would be my life. Shiro dropped the knife and crouched down to my side. She cried into my blood stained chest. I wanted to hug her and comfort her, but my body prohibited me to.

"Big sister Kuro, I killed the bad man, right? I stopped the nightmare? We'll all be happy together, right?" Shiro looked at me with a twisted smile on her face. Fear was obvious on my face. To think that she believed that this was all fixed. As if everything would go away after this night.

My mother was raped, abused, and now dead.

My little sister is a murder, oblivious to her immoral actions.

My right eye was pulled out by the man I looked up to as a child and has paid for his actions with death.

Would you call this insanity?
I know this is a VERY dark story to wite but for some reason I had the urge to write it.
Picture by *LovelyDagger
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shanpam13 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012   Writer
I'm so glad you finished this... It must've been depressing to write. Of course, we both know they end up okay. Still, this reaches the disturbance level of some of my stories. I liked it though.
zerolover1234 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Student Filmographer
I love this!!! <333
YukinataAngel Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
Thanks! ^^
zerolover1234 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Student Filmographer
Lol np!~ ;)
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